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Photobash + Sketchup Practice - Bazaar

I'm becoming more interested in environment design and painting these days, and want to keep leaning into it. Eventually I'll get into Blender more, but I didn't even know SketchUp so I tried that first. It's a useful tool for putting something together pretty quickly. I just wanted a structure with some mixed shapes, openings, and an angle for reference.

The rest is a ton of photobashing and painting, also using a lot of Noah Bradley's free photosets and a "slum shapes" pack Donglu Yu put out here recently.

I'm trying to learn so much so quickly outside of work that it's taxing. Getting into 3D software is particularly intimidating for me because I'm soooo behind.
If you have constructive feedback for this or software, please go ahead and share. I don't learn much from Twitter, and not sure where else to post to learn, but ArtStation's been a great standard so far and I've much to learn. I want to look back on my portfolio in a few months and see definite progress.